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"With CBD products from Cibiday I can get through the day carefree!"

Cibiday CBD products, which are for sale in both our specialised CBD store in Rotterdam as well as in this extensive and informative webshop, are all based on the natural ingredient cannabidiol from EU-certified hemp plants. Because these approved plants cannot cause any psychoactive effect whatsoever and becoming high is therefore absolutely out of the question, any person and any animal from young to old, can get through the day carefree.

Besides various types of CBD oil products, our store also consists of a hemp, terpene and herbal shop, in which beneficial herbs, superfoods and other natural products are available, that can offer a supplementary or supportive role with these. Furthermore you can purchase various aids with which you can grow for yourself or make all kinds of concentrated cannabis extracts, including weed oil. This is a popular cannabis oil like CBD oil, only with psychoactive properties.

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Large CBD assortment with detailed information

Different people also means many diferent demands. In order to meet all demands, we offer a wide CBD oil range of products with detailed information included. The most common way of CBD ingestion is the dripping under the tongue with a little pipette. To be able to dose the thick cannabidiol containing hemp extract from a dropper bottle it is mixed with vegetable oils, like for instance olive oil or hempseed oil.

Besides these thinned liquid extracts in dropper bottles (CBD Oil Drops), you can also purchase the pure thick extracts. This highly concentrated  CBD Pastea is offered in dosing syringes. All these products are available in various strengths, increasing from a low cannabidiol percentage to a very high percentage. We are however not only specialized in CBD products, other components from the hemp plant have an important function as well.  This means we also offer a large number of products in which other cannabinoids, as these plant components are called, are present as main constituents.

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Various compositions, ingestion- and dosing options

Hemp does not only contain the popular substance cannabidiol, but makes much more imprtant cannabinoids, like for instance cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and cannabigerol (CBG). Products containing these substances are available under the labels CBDA Oil and CBG Oil. Cannabinoids are not the only useful components produced in cannabis, the so-called terpenes are also an important group in the plant. Besides that these terpenes can be distilled from cannabis, they are also found in many other plants. Our unique CBD Terpene Oil is composed of cannabidiol and a sophisticated mix of specific types of terpenes.

For all these products oral ingestion is advised, where dosing under the tongue is preferred. It is also possible to apply the products externally, but for external dosing CBD Cream is more suitable. Our creams and salves are easily spreadable and the active ingredients are also absorbed well through the skin.

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Internal, external, smokeable and edible CBD products

Contrary to many popular weed extracts CBD oil is not or hardly ever smoked, as it may contain ingredients, like for example olive oil or chlorophyll, which cause a bad taste. We do however have a number products in our assortment that are an exception to that.  For instance you can buy various flavours of CBD E-Liquid and CBD E-Cigarettes, with which you can smoke electronically. The highly concentrated CBD Dabs are also suitable for smoking and vaping.

Besides internal, external and smokeable products, we also have a wide choice of edible CBD products, including chocolate, candy and lollies, all again enhanced with a cannabidiol containing hemp extract. The highest percentage of cannabidiol you will find in the crystals, which are made up of 98% pure CBD no less.

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Natural cannabidiol oil from EU-certified hemp

All hemp oil which is processed into the CBD, CBDA (raw) and CBG products, comes from the leaves and the flowers or from the flowers exclusively of certified cannabidiol-rich hemp plants that are cultivated in a legal and completely environmentally friendly way in uncontaminated soil on which only hemp is grown each year. Some hemp fields are located high in the mountains and are irrigated with pure and mineral-rich water coming from natural sources like mountain water and meltwater from snow. Our top of the line product Premium CBD Oil is made from this uniquely cultivated hemp.

CBD Oil and Terpenes, a natural combination

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC together with terpenes occur naturally in the hemp plant. Terpenes have many useful applications and are part of the so-called full spectrum of the plants from which the cannabinoids have been derived. During the extraction and storing of cannabinoids unfortunately many of these volatile substances are lost. Thanks to the wide offering of terpenes by Cibiday, you can add them to your cannabinoids again afterwards , completely to your own liking!

Some researchers are furthermore of the opinion that terpenes may be able to enter into a smart cooperation  with cannabinoids, better knwon as the entourage effect. This complex supposed effect has however not yet been established by clinical research. Perhaps the future might change that.

Besides the line of unique CBD Terpene Oils, we also offer the opportunity to purchase separate terpenes and complete terpene profiles from cannabis plants. On top of that you can buy terpene candles with a complete profile of terpenes from specific cannabis plants, including the CBD-rich weed strain ACDC.

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Grow CBD-rich hemp yourself

For the fans of nice tasting CBD products we offer exclusive and handmade candy which has been made in a completely tradtional manner. you are also at the right place at Cibiday for the tastiest tea blends, all royally filled with hemp, wholly natural herbs and fruits. Besides all kinds of ready-made products you can also buy hemp seeds with which you can grow your own precious cannabidiol-rich plants.

Health herbs and plants for supplementation with CBD products

Besides hemp plants nature offers us many more useful plants, useful herbs and fruits. Many of these herbs and fruits contain effective ingredients which can offer an additional or supplemental role with the use of CBD Oil. Because of this we offer the possibility of ordering healthy herbs and superfoods in the extra large online herbal shop with which you can compose all kinds of potent herbal preparations, nutritious meals, smoothies or a delicious tea blend for yourself. The dried herbs in powdered form are ultimately suitable to fill empty capsules with.

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Besides the fact that hemp can be useful for humans and animals, it is also a great asset for the earth on which we all live. Because the hemp plant is a fast grower, which is not readily susceptible to diseases and plagues, it is the only crop in the Netherlands that is grown without the use of pesticides. Hemp can prevent the felling of trees, needs many times less water than cotton during cultivation and it can be made into insulation material causing a room to be hardly needed to be heated. Hemp is widely applicable, sustainable and very environmentally friendly.

Cibiday CBD oil products are subject to stringent quality requirements

All Cibiday CBD oil products are derived from European certified hemp plants which are cultivated in a completely organic manner and each product is manufactured in a specially equipped cleanroom. The CBD products undergo meticulous checks and extensive test analyses and are required to meet the highest quality requirements. Because stringent checks on the THC-percentage are also done  at both the hemp cultivation as at the processing and manufacturing, we can be sure that our  "Cibiday CBD Oil, carefree through the day!" will also apply to you!

Order quickly and safely in the online CBD shop

At Cibiday you can safely and quickly buy CBD oil, CBG oil and other hemp products, but also terpenes, herbs and convenient supplements online. On top of that we have a store in Rotterdam-Zuid (Rotterdam-South) where you are very welcome every day from 11.00 until 19.00, apart from Sunday. Oour experienced team will gladly help you pick the right products and patiently answer all your questions. On the contact page, you can see exactly how you can get there with the help of google maps.

CBD wholesale for retailers and webshop owners

Retailers and webshop owners are warmly welcomed at Cibiday and can create an account in the online CBD Wholesale. Cibiday CBD shop guarantees wide choice, high quality, extensive information and advice and furthermore a speedy delivery.

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A large number of customers has indicated to have much benefit from the use of CBD oil products from Cibiday. Positive experiences by customers can be read on the user experiences page. (- edit: Due to health claims the page with user experiences has been taken offline.)

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