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CBD oil, the abbreviation of cannabidiol oil, is a natural product which is derived by extraction of EU-certified hemp plants. Because this THC-poor hemp is completely legal and has no psychoactive properties, all our CBD oil products can be used without worry. No change in the psyche, the consciousness or behaviour will occur and daily activities will not be hindered in any way. This means children and animals can benefit carefree from all the good the CBD-rich hemp plant has to offer us as well.

Trustworthy CBD oil, for children and pets as well!

Cibiday CBD oil is a guarantee for a 100% purity and reliability with the best quality. Through years of study, knowledge and experience we have been able to develop a wide range of products containing cannabidiol for humans and animals. By synergistically combining specific ingredients we can manufacture a large number of products unique in their kind. Only the best raw materials are selected which are completely free of harmful chemicals, making them not only kind to humans and animals, but to the environment as well.

Extra large CBD shop

This means in our extra large online CBD shop you can choose from a very wide range of various types of pure CBD oil products which can be applied in different ways. For different people, from young to old, and different animals, from rabbits to horses.

Buying CBD Oil

Below you can make a choice from the types of CBD oil products you would like to check out. If you have any more questions before making a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice.

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Why CBD oil?

Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD oil, is increasingly recognised as a plant component with much potential which can be found in cannabis. Not only do the users of CBD-containing oil products find this to be a fact, but ever more substantiated publications note the potency as well of this special and very unique plant substance, which is categorized as a cannabinoid.

Cannabinoids, like CBD, THC, CBG and CBC, are present in various ratios in all cannabis plants and are able to act like substances produced by the body itself. This means our bodies can take them in quickly and without bad consequences. By now well over a 100 plant cannabinoids, also called phytocannabinoids, have been identified in cannabis, of which THC and CBD are the two most well-known.

Since CBD oil has no psychoactive effect and thereby is legally available, this cannabinoid is preferable in most situations. This means anyone, so also including a small child or an elderly person, can make use of the many types of CBD oils available, without any stoned-making effect. Even animals can use it without worry.

Full spectrum oil from whole plant extract

All our CBD oil products are derived from the buds and leaves of hemp plants in which the full spectrum of beneficial plant components, like cannabinoids, terpenes and flavenoids is present. These so-called whole plant extractions enable the user to ingest all the beneficial ingredients of the hemp plant.

Which Cibiday CBD product to choose?

Cibiday offers a very extensive choice of  concentrated CBD products and thereby fulfils the varying wishes of different people. So one person might for instance prefer CBD oil drops which can be dripped under the tongue quickly and easily, while the next person would rather take tasteless capsules that can be swallowed whole.

Besides the various types of products we also offer a wide choice of CBD oils (in drippable or paste-like form) with various percentages of cannabidiol. Especiallly the low concentrations can be convenient when administering to children or pets and also in this way people with a limited budget can still profit from the beneficial cannabinoid, or actually called phytocannabinoid in full, from hemp.

Various hemp strains and basic product

A choice can also be made of varying compositions. Like for instance besides increasing percentages in the category CBD Oil Drops, you also have a choice of different ingredients like olive oil and hempseed oil, or of extractions from different hemp strains.

Furthermore it is possible to choose first-class quality products, marked with a Best Buy label. These are often unique products manufactured in a special way. An example of such a high quality product is for instance the Premium CBD Oil. So the choice of the product is wholly dependant on your personal preference for ingestion method, preference for various percentages, a quality preference, the composition, the aim and the situation. Because the price can be a deciding factor for some as well, we also offer an extra cheap CBD oil line.

Additional products for well-being

Besides CBD oil we also offer additional products which can be of value when using cannabidiol. So you can choose from various health herbs and super foods.