Making Dry Sift

Making Dry Sift – Dry sifting of cannabis to obtain kief!

Dry sift, also known under many other names, including kief, kif, skuff or pollen, is obtained by the dry sifting of cannabis flowers or trim. The trichomes are separated from the plants with this completely mechanical instead of chemical manufacturing method. These trichomes are the most valuable components of the plant, since the effective cannabinoids and terpenes are produced in these.

The separation of trichomes

For making dry sift screens (sieves) are used with a particular micron size (mesh size), by which the trichomes can be separated from the rest of the plant material. This can be done manually, but can also be performed with a kind of centrifuge. The best result is obtained with frozen cannabis, because the cold causes the trichomes to be separated more easily.

Collecting pure trichome heads

Since the cannabinoids and terpenes are found exclusively in the little heads of the trichomes and not in the trichome stalks or the rest of the plant material, it is preferable to collect just the heads. With the different micron sizes of the screens you do not only have the capability to separate the trichomes according to size, but also to obtain a concentrate which consists of 99% pure trichome heads as a final result.

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