Making Weedoil With The Cannolator

Making weed oil with the Cannolator – Simply make cannabis oil yourself!

The Cannolator is a simple to operate extraction system with which effective and highly concentrated weed oil can be obtained. Contrary to the other extraction systems in our product range, in which butane is mainly used as a solvent, the Cannolator has been specifically designed to extract with alcohol. In order to be able to extract from cannabis, you need a number of additional supplies besides the device, which are not included. You can just purchase the extractor with the stand, but also together with the supplies as complete kits (sets).

Different kits for making cannabis oil

Since the Cannolator is not supplied fully complete, we have composed several kits (sets) from which you can make your own choice. You can just purchase the Cannolator, but to be able to use it you also need the products from the kit 'Set F'. In kit 'Set B' these products are offered combined. Furthermore you can choose from kits (sets) with various extra products, including for instance a scale to make accurate measurements. But also olive oil, to make the acquired paste more viscous, a syringe for when you rather like to use a more concentrated extract or a funnel for filling the dropper bottles.

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