Hemp Flowers Carmagnola

  Carmagnola hemp flowers

  Female flower buds

  Italian hemp

  Derived from organic cultivation


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Hemp Flowers Carmagnola - CBD-rich Female Flower Buds!

Nice dried hemp flower buds from the Carmagnola strain, a strain known for the high CBD percentages compared to other certified hemp strains, with percentages of 8% having been measured. Since the strain holds minimal concentrations of THC, no mind-altering effect will occur. This means it will not make you high or stoned.

Because Carmagnola hemp is dioecious (biparental), both male as female plants are formed. This dried hemp is solely derived from the matured flower buds of the female specimens.

Derived from organic cultivation

The hemp plants are grown on a parcel located in Italy. No use is made of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or other crop protection agents during the entire growth- and flowering period.The hemp is cultivated completely organically.

When the female flowers are ready for harvesting, they are picked and sorted by hand. Here as well no use is made of harmful substances. The hemp is immediatley ready for use and contains no additives at all. Because hardly any THC is present in the buds this product is not suitable for recreational use.

Extra information

  • Contents: 30 Gram
  • Serves as a base for production of your own CBD
  • No food supplement
  • Least seeds of all strains

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Hemp Flowers Carmagnola

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