CBD Oil Drops

CBD Olie Druppels

CBD Oil in dropper bottle, a true blessing for people and animals!

CBD oil, which can be administered to both humans and animals, can be purchased in various forms, but the most commmonly used method of ingestion by far is through so-called dropper bottles or pipette bottles. These little glass bottles, which hold a content of 10 ml, are equipped with a built-in convenient pipette with which you can very easily and highly accurately dose the required number of cannabidiol-rich drops.

The most common method of ingestion is dripping under the tongue. Not only is this quick and easy to do, but it is also the fastest way to be absorbed by the body. The cannabidiol-rich drops can if needed also be mixed in foods, in drinks or for instance in massage oil.

Liquid oil in several quality degrees with varying strengths through increasing percentages of cannabidiol

In our product line you can buy three types of liquid CBD oil in dropper bottles, which are categorised on the basis of quality. All oils are available with various increasing percentages of cannabidiol, making for different strenghts which means a suitable percentage can be found for everyone.

Furthermore the CBD extract used is made from various hemp strains. There is also a choice of being mixed with olive oil or hempseed oil.

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Varying degrees of quality of CBD Oil

In our product line we offer three different types of CBD oil. These oils are categorised based on quality, increasing from good to excellent quality. So for instance the Premium Line is the best quality. Besides this hemp being cultivated in an unique manner, both the hemp used and the olive oil are organically certified. The Quality Line does not use organically certified hemp, but does come from a reliable background. Here as well use is made of organically certified olive oil or hempseed oil.

These two lines are subject to very stringent, meticulous checks and extensive labtests to make sure they meet the highest quality demands. Because some people rather would prefer, or through necessity, to choose quantity over quality, we have made the Silver Line available for purchase. The standards for this oil are not at the highest level, but based on general requirements. This oil is comparable to the most other CBD oils available on the market.

Hemp strains utilised

For the CBD oil drops made with olive oil use is made of officially recognised strains like KC Dora and Santhica 70. For the CBD oil drops made with hempseed oil the strains Futura 75 and Finola are used. All strains are rich in cannabidiol while containing extremely low percentages of the psychoactive THC.

Any mind-altering effect is therefore completely out of the question, the consumer will not experience any stoned or high effects and can perform activities without problems. The possible traces of THC the CBD oil might contain, will have no mind-altering effect whatsoever. This makes the oil very convenient and ultimately suitable for application with small children, the elderly or if needed animals.

Nuttige eigenschappen CBD Olie Druppels

Cannabidiol has many applications and it can therefore mean to be a true blessing for both humans and animals. This is because our body recognizes the cannabinoids present in cannabis, the so-called phytocannabinoids, as chemicals which occur naturally in our bodies, they are perfect imitations of those. These chemicals fit like keys to receptors which themselves influence various functions, like stimulating an appetite or a certain relaxation or stimulus. But these receptors can also influence for example the readiness to go to sleep or the memory.

CBD oil drops contain CBD as main active ingredient. Unfortunately it is not allowed to make certain health claims about the CBD oil drops. In addition every person is different as well and responds differently to certain substances. What for the one person quickly has an effect, might be totally unnoticeable with the other. This holds true for the cannabidiol-rich drops as well.

Studies are increasingly making clear that the cannabis plant, besides CBD, contains many other useful cannabinoids and additional ingredients, like terpenes for instance. The ratios to these other ingredients is often what produces the final result. This is what some researchers also call the entourage effect. This effect however has not yet been confirmed through quality clinical research. So each situation requires different profiles and ratios to certain components. This means the advice therefore is to test out multiple products until the ideal result is reached.

Which CBD Oil Drops to buy?

As described above it is not so simple to give an appropiate advice as to which CBD drops can best be ordered. For children and animals it is advisable to start with a low cannabidiol-percentage and to gradually increase this to higher dosages and if needed higher percentages.

In all other situations the choice is dependent on a personal preference. You could for instance purchase an inexpensive oil if the spendable budget is minimal or if you would like to first test out if and how the body responds to it. The choice might also depend on the ingredients with which the oil is made. Some people for instance prefer olive oil, while others would rather choose hempseed oil.

High or low percentage

With CBD oil of identical composition (made from the same hemp and extracted in the same way) a higher percentage will cause a stronger effect as well. This means you can use less. With oil of a different composition this is often not the case. So a bottle of CBD Oil Premium Line 2.5% might for instance produce better results than a bottle of the Affordable CBD Oil 5%.

This all completely depends on the presence and ratios of components to each other, on the individual and on the situation or the severity of the situation. If a certain product does not give the desired effect, it could therefore also be advisable to try out a different composition.

Drop counter included

All the bottles of oil which are for sale in this category, are equipped with a handy drop counter, also called a pipette. Using the rubber bulb, a sort of pipette balloon, you can draw in the cannabidiol-rich liquid and drip it under the tongue one drop at a time. This ensures the dripping is not only easy to do, but can also be done highly accurately.