Premium CBD Oil

Premium CBD Oil - Unique oil - Clean and pure!

Our Premium CBD oil is absolutely unique and utmost effective first-class concentrated cannabidiol oil, which is made in a completely traditional manner and with great love for the profession. Purely by hand, whereby no use is made of heavy transports or agricultural machinery, a top of the line product is manufactured which is incomparable to any other oil.

Superior cultivation and manufacture

The certified and cannabidiol-rich Futura 75 hemp is cultivated in the most ideal climatological conditions on small terraces at 1500 meters altitude in the Alpujarra mountains in Spain. Also the hemp plants are irrigated with pure and mineral rich spring water. Every step, during the entire cultivation- and manufacturing process, is done by hand, which means after every harvest only a limited edition of this exclusive and very potent Premium CBD oil is available.

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    First-class product of high quality

    The mountainous Alpujarra region is located at the southern flank of the Sierra Nevada in the Andalusian region and is known for the clean soil and the pure air. On top of that the fertile and designated as protected nature preserve area catches the most number of hours of sunshine. Our premium CBD Oil exclusively comes from small-scale fields on which hemp is grown each year for therapeutic purposes.

    All these factors and the high altitude on which the hemp is grown, boost a high percentage of cannabinoids, like CBD and other useful ingredients in the plant, as for instance terpenes and flavenoids. All this is to the benefit of the quality of the end product.

    Pure product with high cannabinoid and terpene percentage

    In the category Lab Tests you can find various official test results amongst them several lab tests of the accredited testing agency Fundación Canna. In these analytic tests amongst other things what percentage of specific phytocannabinoids in the dried plant material of Futura 75 hemp from the Alpujarras is present is ascertained.

    Also the raw plant material from the Futura 75 hemp plants from Alpujarra is tested for the terpenes present (mono- and sesquiterpenes). The laboratory test shows a nice concentration of useful terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, terpinolene and humulene. Terpenes constitute a very important componenet in cannabis plant into which ever more studies are being conducted. Scientist have shown them to possess a number of useful properties, which means they also have many practical applications.

    Premium CBD Oil test results from accredited laboratories

    Of course at the lab tests the test results of our unique Cibiday Premium CBD Oil with 5% cannabidiol also are viewable. The lab tests show that the extreme, but favourable climatological conditions of the Alpujarra region have a positive effect on the formation of useful ingredients in the hemp plants.

    With these tests measuring is also done on whether there are harmful levels of certain fungi, yeasts or bacteria present. Particularly for young children or elderly people it is important that a product does not exceed the legal limit. Especially with people with a weakened immune system certain fungi and bacteria can severely damage the health and even life-threathening situations could develop.

    Through an unique location and a traditional and extremely accurate manufacturing method we are able to offer a first-class pure and effective cannabidiol oil. With a CBD-percentage of 4.74% and a CBDA-percentage of 0.52% the Premium CBD Oil has a total CBD-percentage of 5.26%. Furthermore the tests show that Premium CBD oil contains no harmful bacteria and fungi and is a very safe product for the health.

    Certificate Organic Futura 75 Hemp

    Besides the various test results the Futura 75 hemp from Las Alpujarras is certified as completely organic as well. This means thatb the hemp plants have been grown on an unpolluted and uncontaminated soil and have not been sprayed with all kinds of harmful pesticides. This organic product certificate can be viewed in the category of Certificates.