Terpene Isolates – Various natural terpene isolates from all kinds of plants!

Terpene isolates consist of a single type of terpene which is isolated from a certain plant in which the terpene in question is found. This can be all kinds of plants, but also all kinds of fruits for example. Lavender for instance is known for producing lots of linalool and the terpene limonene can be found in abundance in citrus fruit peels. Humulene is prevalent in hops and the name for this terpene happens to be derived from the Latin name for hops, Humulus lupulus.

Each type of terpene has unique characteristics

Contrary to the terpene profiles the terpene isolates consist of just one particular type of terpene, while a terpene profile consists of multiple terpenes as they are found in exactly the same composition and ratios as in the plant. After all each terpene isolate also has its own unique characteristics which can be of great benefit.

Isolating abundant or rare terpenes

Because certain terpenes are easier to isolate from certain plants than other terpenes, large price differences are created. A terpene like limonene is abundantly found in citrus fruit peels. And these peels happen to be found in large numbers as a by-product in the fruit juice industry. This means limonene is much cheaper than for instance a terpene like alpha-Bisabolol, of which often only small amounts are present in plants which means large amounts of plant material are needed.

Not suitable for cats! (see terpene index)

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