Lab Tests - Laboratory tests and quality analyses Cibiday CBD products

Labtests are quality analyses of certain products, in this case CBD products from Cibiday, which are conducted in an official manner by a acknowledged and independent testing agency in a laboratory. In a laboratory test it is determined which useful ingredients, like for instance cannabinoids and terpenes, are present in the product.

Also testing can be done for various contaminants and the presence of harmful components, like for example heavy metals, fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Without a meticulous quality control no guarantee for the quality of the product can be given and also the safety of usage cannot be determined.

In general the assumption is the higher the percentage of beneficial ingredients, the higher the quality of the CBD product is. A higher percentage of cannabinoids is after all more potent, which might mean there would have to be less dosing. However the relative proportions of all other ingredients to each other are also important. So for instance a product with a lower CBD percentage might still cause a stronger effect when the ratio to the terpenes, flavenoids and other cannabinoids present is more favourable.


Extensive laboratory tests – The quality of CBD products is carefully tested by independant testing agencies

Extensive laboratory tests for quality guaranteed CBD Products

To guarantee the quality and safety of our CBD products, we provide full transparancy about the hemp used and the endproducts obtained. The following laboratory tests, which were conducted by recognized and independant testing agencies, can publicly be reviewed online:

Lab results of active ingredients are dependent on environmental factors

The results of a lab test should be seen as a snapshot in time. That is to say the percentage is subject to various environmental factors. Cannabinoids and terpenes for instance will degrade quicker under the influence of heat, oxygen and light. The older the product, the less of certain valuable ingredients will be present. A high percentage of the cannabinoids CBN, CBE or CBL are therefore good indications of the freshness of the material.

In fresh cannabis these degradation products should in fact hardly be present. Because THC, CBD and CBC over time respectively degrade to CBN, CBE and CBL, a laboratory result with a high content of these cannabinoids is therefore indicative that the material tested has aged or for instance has been exposed to heat, causing valuable cannabinoids to be lost and the effectiveness to be decreased.

The percentage in individual plants may be varying as well. This differs not only for each strain, area or harvest, but can also be quite variable in plants which are from the same strain and the same harvest. The percentage happens to be formed while influenced by many environmental factors. For example the quality of the soil can be important, but also the altitude at which the plants grow, the number of sunlight hours the plants receive or the location in which the plant can be found within the field of hemp.


Laboratorium analysis – Guarantee for a first-rate quality

Laboratorium analysis is guarantee for high quality

The cannabinoid CBD, which can be found in cannabis, is getting to be known by more people. By means of the large reach of the internet people these days can get quick and easy acces to the plentiful published research showing the benefit of this cannabinoid. People are becoming ever more aware that this valuable component can be applied with a very extensive array of everyday problems. Also it can offer great support with the quick recovery from various different diseases and ailments. Due to the unique properties CBD can effect lots of important bodily functions making your body fit again and maintaining good health.

Because CBD can be used in so many varying circumstances, a large number of people want to start using cannabidiol-containing products as a means of self-care. This has led to a tremendous increase in the numbers of suppliers of CBD products in a short time making it important to pick the right product of good quality taking great care. Especially for people with weakened immune systems, it is of major importance to use a clean and pure CBD oil which has been derived by a careful extraction from unpolluted hemp plants.

When hemp has been grown on polluted soil or extracted in a careless manner in a room not well sterilized, chances are the CBD extract produced will be contaminated with chemicals which are potentially health damaging. Especially with prolonged usage harmful substances can accumulate in the body, which could seriously endanger your health. Because as a consumer you often do not have a full overview of these factors, it is important for the vendor to provide full transparancy.

Test results cannabinoid profile

This transparancy about the hemp used and the manufacture of the CBD extracts can only be provided with the help from official lab tests which have been performed by independant testing agencies. For instance with these laboratory findings it can be shown exactly how high the percentage of CBD is or what the ratios relative to the other cannabinoids present are. Also it can be determined whether the percentage of THC has remained below the legal limit. As this will guarantee that its usage will not cause any psychoactive effect.

Our Cibiday products are therefore extensively tested on their cannabinoid profiles whereby in each test the percentage of CBD and THC is shown. Because testing agencies use different testing methods, the test results might also vary. In some analyses the cannabinoid acids (A for acid at end of abbreviation) are also given, while in others other active cannabinoids are measured as well, giving you acces to a complete cannabinoid profile. By clicking on the image below you will be rerouted to an overview of the cannabinoid tests performed.

Test Resultaten Cannabinoiden

Lab tests cannabinoids profiles – Click on the button to view the test results!

Test results terpene profile

Terpenes are natural components of plants which are responsible for the scent plants give off. Just like cannabinoids, they are functional components which are of great benefit for the well-being of humans. Cannabis plants can contain more than 500 different substances of which many possess effective properties. Ever more studies show that the combination of all these components determines the effectiveness of the plant.

Due to a thorough synergy (cooperation) between the components present the effect becomes greater than the components could have reached separately. The whole is more effective than the sum of its parts. Because of this a meticulous analysis of the terpene profile is of great importance in determining its potency.

Just as with the formation and decomposition of cannabinoids, environmental factors are important in the formation and the loss of terpenes. So factors like climate, heat, soil condition or location, are of major influence on these odorous ingredients. Because terpenes are made up of volatile molecules, heat will cause a large portion to be lost. An aging product which has been kept in warm surroundings, will hardly contain any terpenes anymore.

Since terpenes possess a large number of health promoting properties and because of the importance of synergy between the other remaining components, terpenes are an important component of the cannabis plants. Click on the image for extensive information about the terpenes present in Cibiday CBD products.

Test Resultaten Terpenen

Lab tests terpene profiles - Click on the button to view the test results!

Microbiological lab tests

With the aid of meticulous analysis- and research methods, Cibiday CBD products are also tested for the presence of fungi, yeasts and bacteria. This involves measuring if certain bacteria, like Salmonella or E. coli, or mycotoxins (fungal toxins), like aflatoxins, are not present in such numbers as to pose health risks.

Microbiological tests can for example be conducted with a 3M Petrifilm. With these plates fungi, yeasts and Enterobacteriaceae, amongst them pathogens causing diseases, like Salmonella and E. coli, can be analysed. Too high levels of Enterobacteriaceae can amongst other things cause infections of the digestive system.

Microbiologische Test Resultaten

Microbiological lab tests - KClick on the button to view the test rapports!

Analysis heavy metals

Labtests can also be carried out to make an extensive analysis of possible contaminations by heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, copper and mercury. Of these heavy metals mercury, lead and cadmium are the most toxic. Heavy metals, which can be present in the air, the water and in the soil, can accumulate to have a toxic effect on humans. Of mercury it has been known since antiquity that it is a very toxic metal.

Contaminants can be produced by industry, mining, landfills or agriculture. Copper sulfate for example is an component of pesticides, which is used in agriculture to protect crops from diseases, plagues and weeds. Since hemp is a plant capable of taking in heavy metals from the soil, it is of the utmost importance to grow the plants on unpolluted soil. By clicking on the image below you will be linked to extensive information and an analysis study for contamination by heavy metals.

Lab Analyse Zware Metalen

Analysis heavt metals - Click on button for extensive information and analysis rappport!

Quality analysis basic oils

With the dilution of a large number of Cibiday CBD products use has been made of organically certified extra virgin olive oil from the Spanish Oliflix, a small-scale company situated along the Ebro river in the Flix county (Tarragona province, Catalonia region).

This excellent quality olive oil has been grown completely organically and is made of the pulp and pits of freshly harvested olives of Olea europaea (olive tree) while during the entire cultivation process no use is made of chemical nutrients or pesticides. In recent years Oliflix has received three awards for the production of the best quality olive oil. Click on the image for additional information and large format of the test result.

Labtest Kwaliteit Analyse Olijfolie

Lab test quality analysis olive oil used - Click on the button to view the analysis!

Besides premium olive oil as a basic oil, we also use high quality hempseed oil. The cold pressed hempseed oil with which our Cibiday CBD products are diluted has been tested for beneficial and harmful ingredients and it is guaranteed that the product is safe for consumption. Due to the very healthy properties the hempseed oil is also used for the preparation of skincare products, like for instance restorative cremes and salves. By clicking on the image below, you can view a large format of the laboratory analysis and read further informaton.

Labtest Kwaliteit Analyse Hennepzaadolie

Lab test quality analysis hempseed oil used - Click on the button to view the analysis!

Organic hallmarks

CBD products which are made from the hemp strain Futura 75, which is cultivated in the south of Spain, have received a testimonial as recognition of organic cultivation and for the absence of contaminants. In order to receive a certificate of conformity stringent environmental regulations have to be met.

The Oliflix olive oil has also received a certicate of conformity. In many Cibiday products use is made of this extra virgin olive oil as supplement to dilute extracts. The olive oil is grown according to organic regulations and in doing so has received an organic quality label.

Certificaten Biologische Producten

Certificates organic products - Click on the button to view the certificates