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CBD Cream, Salves and Balms - For the skin!

Natural cream, salve and balm based on CBD from organic hemp can be an enormous blessing for your skin. For instance the nutritional and restorative skin creams can, besides for the daily skin care, also be used for the treating and soothing of the skin with insect bites, jellyfish stings, blister formation or burns.

Uniform and silky smooth result with CBD-rich creams

In our product line you can make a choice from cannabidiol-rich creams and salves which can all provide an optimal skin condition. The skin becomes nicely smooth again, without blemishes and looking healthy and radiant. With that the cannabidiol-containing skin products also make the skin feel less dry and tight as well. With the first application you will already be able to experience that your skin has never felt so silky smooth before.

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    To be used without worry

    All our CBD creams are made from 100% legal and certified hemp plants in which the THC-levels are extremely minimal. This means no mind-altering effect will occur when the salve is absorbed into the skin. This means the tender and vulnerable skin of babies, small children or pets can be treated as well. This can even be repeated several times a day, without the user becoming high from it.

    For superficial skin treatment

    The salves are not meant for oral ingestion but are to be smeared superficially on the skin. After application the cream will be absorbed into the skin quite quickly which means gauze or bandages are not an absolutely necessity.

    The scent of CBD salve

    The scent of the CBD creams and salves is certainly not unpleasant or overpowering and most certainly does not compare to the so well-known and pervasive smell of weed buds. This means you can apply the product on the skin spots which need to be treated at any moment of the day without worry.