Terpenen Aromatherapie

Terpene Aromatherapy – Candles with a terpene profile from cannabis!

Terpenes, also sometimes called terps, can be found in all kinds of plant species and are able to pass through the blood-brain barrier when breathed in through the nose. The scent we perceive can trigger all kinds of reactions in our brains. This can easily be observed when we smell a hyacinth and experience a happy feeling for instance, or when we smell lavender and experience a relaxing sensation.

Treatment with smells

All terpenes happen to have their own characteristic smells and can be used in aromatherapy, which literally means treatment with smells. People who for instance have trouble breathing can, after walking in a pine forest, experience some relief from the presence of the pinene terpene.

Terp candles with cannabis profile

Cannabis also possesses a complete terpene profile with unique characteristics and this means it is ultimately suited for aromatherapy. As the only supplier in the Netherlands, working together with Blue River and LE FEU De L'EAU, we offer various terps candles with a complete terpene profile derived from various weed strains, including the CBD-rich weed strain ACDC.

Take care! Take extra precautions when using terp candles in the presence of pets, especially with cats! (see terpene products index).

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